Mango White

Mango White

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All natural loose white tea.  This tea's flavour is delicate and round with light honey notes, deep hints of mango, as if eating a ripe tropical mango picked within 5 minutes of perfection, and a lightly astringent finish.  The mellow character notes of natural white tea accentuates the experience. Both white tea and mangoes have a long history of hospitality used to honour visitors for thousands of years.  If you have guests over, this is the tea to reach for!

Ingredients: White tea, natural flavours. No artificial ingredients!

Blended in Canada

Consume within 6-12 months of opening.  Steep at 84 C for 3-5 minutes.  Caffeine Free.

50 grams contains about 20 - 25 one cup servings.  Packaged in a food safe resealable pouch.