Bold Breakfast Sloane Sachet Box Set

Bold Breakfast Sloane Sachet Box Set

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15 individual, biodegradable pyramid sachets of rich and classic black tea. Great for a gift idea and travel.

A classic Assam black tea rich and full bodied in flavour with a robust character and earthy linger.

Hand blended in Canada.  Steep 1 sachet for 5 minutes in 12oz of 100 C water.

Each sachet:

  • has 1200 weaves per square inch, allowing for greater flow through an unrestricted infusion of our handcrafted teas, herbs and spices.
  • is sealed by means of an ultrasonic technology. That means no glue, staples or wire hold this tea bag together, creating a pure tea infusion
  • has non-wicking strings, because tags shouldn't drip! (Wick·ing: the capillary action which causes liquid to travel through the thread.)
  • has a consistent coating on the tag, meaning that it won’t separate from the string.