About Us

London Tea Bar was established out of a love of tea and all things quality.  It is a new tradition in tea drinking, a contemporary tea bar. 

We believe a truly modern tea brand only uses quality tea blends with no sweeteners or artificial additives.  Because we are sweet enough!  Although, here at LTB, we do love to add a little honey or organic sugar once it is brewed from time to time. 

It is important to us that we source from ethical producers and our teas are as fresh as possible.  We take great care of what we put into our bodies and keep our products of the highest standards for you to enjoy.  

Indulge in the luxury you will find in every sip of our teas and allow yourself to take a break however brief, and enjoy this moment.  London Tea Bar provides a time to converse, recharge and reflect.  As we have always said 'tea makes everything better'. 

London Tea Bar